Emergency Rug Kit for Owners of Fine Rugs and Carpets

We are really pleased to announce that we’ve just launched, what we believe to be an industry “first”. The new ‘Emergency Rug Kit’, is a comprehensive collection of the safest spotting and stain removal solutions and tools available to consumers today.

As rug cleaning and repair specialists, we’ve always known the importance of regular and effective maintenance and care of rugs and investment textiles. Having worked closely with rug and interior designers, now for many years, we have a broader perspective than most cleaners, which enables us to appreciate the effort, skill, and care involved at every stage of a rugs production, from concept through to installation and life on the floor.

We spent several months developing the kit; sourcing and assembling everything a discerning rug owner should need in an emergency while reducing the risks of causing further damage by using the wrong product or method.

We all know that accidents happen, and panic often ensues, which can, on occasion, be catastrophic. We believe that the ‘Emergency Rug Kit’ offers clients the perfect solution to be able to act quickly and safely to remedy most situations, without having to call in the professionals.

The ‘Emergency Rug Kit’, comes packaged in a stylish and convenient grab bag, designed to keep everything together in a utility room or cupboard. It retails at £70.00 including VAT and shipping via DHL Express (within the UK, oversea delivery is available).

The Emergency Rug Kit is available now.




— Services Available —

Rug Cleaning

Full-immersion Wet Wash – This is the recommended method for cleaning natural fibre rugs.

Moth & Carpet Beetle Repellant Rinse (odourless)

We use the product used and recommended by Textile Museums

Foxi Superplus Rug Underlay (see Foxi page)

Microseal Permanent fabric protection

Professional spot and stain removers for you to purchase that are

Safe * Non-Toxic * Non-Resoiling * With No Bleaching Agents

Rug Repairs 

End, Side and Field Repair of rugs

Fringe Replacement on rugs

Cosmetic Dyeing & Embroidery Stitching of Worn Areas of your rug

Classic Rug Care has passed the necessary exams and qualifications in Rug Cleaning

Classic Rug Care has been elected as a Senior Member of the NCCA

Classic Rug Care is registered as a Woolsafe Approved Service Provider.

The 1st UK Rug Care Specialist to meet the ARCS requirements.

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Stapleford Abbotts, Essex 

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“We are very pleased with your service.  Our rug, which was stained and grubby after several years of use, came back as new-fresh, clean and soft.  We were also grateful for the collection and delivery which ensured careful treatment.”

Mrs Harris – Forest Hill, London.

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