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Why We Are London’s Most Trusted Rug Care Specialists


Classic Rug Care is owned and run by husband and wife Richard and Ann Pruce.

Like Haig before, they have dedicated years to perfecting their craft and they continue build on the knowledge passed on from him.

The bespoke Rug Spa and Repair Studio overlook 100 acres of the beautiful ancient woodland of Epping Forest just inside London’s infamous M25 Motorway.

Although tradition is very important (most of the rugs and carpets that come through the doors are still made by hand), it is important to keep up to date with the latest techniques and technologies so that clients are offered the very best there is available.

The Pruce family, owners of Classic Rug Care
Picture of Haig Abajian, who started the business

Haig Abadjian
1934 – 2014


From its beginnings in 1925, Abadjian Ltd was engaged in “washing” (commission finishing”) of Oriental carpets and rugs.

At 17, Haig joined the family firm on a part-time basis until he completed his education; he went on to work for the company full time and was appointed a director in the mid 1950’s.

Haig travelled extensively along ‘The Carpet Belt’ including Iran, India, Turkey, USSR, Egypt, Rhodes, Morocco, and Nepal advising on production, quality control and finishing.  He also helped to develop and perfect antique washing and finishing for carpets and rugs, which was a very rare skill at the time. As a result, Abadjian Ltd enjoyed patronage by manufacturers, importers and retailers all over the world and quickly gained a well-respected name within the carpet industry.

Shortly after its creation, Haig became an active member of the National Carpet Cleaners Association and became its first Technical and Training Officer. In this capacity, he was responsible for setting up training courses aimed at enhancing the skill and professionalism of carpet cleaners nationwide. He latterly developed courses aimed at Oriental rug and carpet identification and their particular cleaning considerations.

In the mid-1980’s Abadjian LTD was bought by a PLC but Haig stayed at the helm until it closed in 1992.

Haig became a consultant for a short while in 1993, before being lured back to offering a specialist cleaning and repair service.  It was then that he met Ann and Richard and they started to work together. With his retirement imminent, Haig became mentor and advisor, gradually letting them take over the day to day running of the Company.

Despite suffering from a serious stroke in 2005, Haig remained an integral part of the company. Sadly Haig died in October 2014.


Richard Pruce, Partner of Classic Rug Care


Ann Pruce, Partner of Classic Rug Care


Richard has been cleaning rugs and carpets for over 25 years starting his business with help from The Princes Youth Business Trust. Richard has been fortunate to have been mentored and trained in rug cleaning by some of the finest rug experts in the world today and is a qualified Master Rug Cleaner.

He is IICRC Certified in Colour Repair and Oriental Rug Cleaning and he is a Master Textile Cleaner. Other qualifications include Disaster Restoration (ASCR) and the care and cleaning of rugs, carpets and soft furnishings (NCCA).

Richard is a passionate supporter of the rug world and can often be seen with his rug loom showing customers how rugs are made at branches of The John Lewis Partnership and other well-known department stores advising and giving enthusiastic lessons on rug care.

Richard is an active member of ORTS.

You can find him on Facebook (Richard Pruce), Twitter (@rugrich) and Linked-In.

Ann’s journey into the rug world was originally as a collector with a passion for rugs and unusual textiles. Ann is a qualified upholsterer and soft furnisher; as well as teaching the craft, she too started a business with help from the PYBT, which she was forced to close following a serious car accident. Since joining the family firm, Ann has immersed herself in the rug business and has become a highly skilled and respected rug repairer and dyer.

In addition to many courses, classes, and workshops, Ann has travelled to USA, India and Nepal to further her rug education. She has also worked closely with manufacturers in India and Nepal helping to improve quality control. Ann has also been a guest speaker at a number of events to talk about Oriental rugs and carpets.

Ann is one of the most highly qualified women in the UK cleaning industry today, being trained by the IICRC, NCCA and Woolsafe.  Ann is a Master Rug Cleaner and IICRC Master Textile Cleaner.

Ann is a member of ORTS, The Textile Society and a keen supporter of the Museum of Carpet in Kidderminster.