Contacting Classic Rug Care

Request an Estimate

If you would like more information or an estimate for your rug cleaning or repair, please use our on-line enquiry form below to send us details about your rugs. You may also send us pictures of your rugs to

The more information you can provide us with at this stage, the more accurate our initial estimate is likely to be.

With a Woven rug, you can CLEARLY see design/colour on the back of the rug. A Tufted rug has a back covered by material or glue backing.

How to Photograph a Rug

When emailing photographs of your rugs, please remember to give us as much detail as you can. Details of the overall size, type, age and condition of the piece are very useful.

Take an overview picture of the whole rug, getting as close as possible.

Take a close up (zoom is fine) of a corner section of the rug.

Fold a corner back at a right angle and photograph the back of the rug, again please use the zoom lens. Macro is unnecessary.

If there is damage, close up images are required and by putting a tape measure by them it is easier to assess how much work is involved.