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Rug Underlay

Underlay will increase the life of your rug by cushioning it from the effects of a hard subfloor, heavy furniture and day to day footfall.

Good rug underlay has several benefits and two main functions, namely, to protect the rug from premature wear and damage and secondly to protect you, the owner from a trip hazard.

Underlay should also effectively stop the rug from creeping and ruckling up, preventing stretching or weakening of the foundation yarns or backing which can cause bumps, creases or ridges to appear resulting in permanent unsightly ripples in the rug which are unsafe.

A stable rug that stays put, looks better and is less likely to cause a trip hazard. It also feels more luxurious underfoot.

Foxi underlay. Ideal underlay for rugs

If using a rug on fitted carpet, an underlay has the added bonus of helping to prevent dye transference from the rug to the carpet (unstable dyes from traditional rugs or overdyed webbing on the back of contemporary pieces).

After extensive tests, we recommend Foxi Super Plus, for rugs and runners of all sizes. It is a premium product and slightly more expensive than other underlays available, but we believe your rugs are worth the best.

Foxi is a 5-6mm synthetic needlepunch fleece with a slightly tacky coating; it provides maximum support without the risk of leaving any harmful residue on the rug or the subfloor. It is suitable for use with underfloor heating as it has a low tog rating.

Foxi comes in 4 widths: (2ft/0.62m, 3ft/0.91m, 4ft/1.25m and 6ft/1.82m). Depending on the size required, it is sometimes necessary to supply more than one piece of underlay for your rug, however, it does not affect its performance.

Foxi Super Plus is very easy to self or retro fit; it can be cut and shaped with general household scissors.


Once you have laid your Foxi Super Plus Underlay; leave it there!

Uplifting & re-positioning will reduce the effectiveness of this Rug Underlay.
When cleaning your rug, do not vacuum the Foxi.

Please use the online contact form if you would like more information or you wish to purchase Foxi for your rug.