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Services offered by Classic Rug Care.

Cleaning rugs in the river
Rug needing to be repaired
Wine spilling on a protected rug

Rug Cleaning

Full-immersion Wet Wash – This is the recommended method for cleaning natural fibre rugs.
Moth & Carpet Beetle Repellant Rinse (odourless)
We use the product used and recommended by Textile Museums
Foxi Superplus Rug Underlay (see Foxi page)
Microseal Permanent fabric protection
Professional spot and stain removers for you to purchase that are
Safe * Non-Toxic * Non-Resoiling * With No Bleaching Agents

For further information please go to our Rug Cleaning page.

Rug Repairs 

End, Side and Field Repair of rugs
Fringe Replacement on rugs
Cosmetic Dyeing & Embroidery Stitching of Worn Areas of your rug
Resizing and Reshaping
Access holes for floor boxes and cables

For further information please go to our Rug Repairs page.

Rug Protector

Applying a stain protector to rugs helps to repel both soil and spills.

Today’s formulations do not bulletproof rugs, but they do boost repellency significantly, so cleaning up is much more successful;

permanent staining is dramatically lessened, and protective treatments help release soil so that vacuuming is more successful and cleaning times can be extended.

For further information please go to our Rug Protection page

Foxi Underlay. Ideal for all rugs
Items in the Emergency Rug Care Kit

Rug Underlay

Using a rug underlay has many benefits.

It keeps your rug from slipping or ruckling up on the floor and it also acts as a “shock absorber” against foot traffic and reduces wear on the fibres, particularly on hard floors.

For further information please go to our Rug Underlay page.

Emergency Rug Care Kit

Our Deluxe Emergency Rug Kit is a comprehensive collection of the safest spotting and stain removal solutions and tools available to consumers today.

It comes packaged in a stylish and convenient grab bag, designed to keep everything together and ready to go when accidents happen.

Along with the above, we have our Spotting Kit. The kit contains our spotter and the amazing chamois sponge, which between them can tackle most spills we’ve encountered.

Visit our Home Treatments Kit page for further information.